Automatic (resizing) layout


What I really would like to have is the possibility to let Easyphpalbum "resize" itself in the thumbnail view. Now I have to configure how many pictures per page should be displayed and how many pictures should be displayed next to each other. I would like to have a "automatic" setting for each of theses configurations. So Easyphp should use the whole room that ist provided by the page.

Automatic width adjustment

Sounds easy but it has some drawbacks - it's not possible to determine the amount of room/space that is available. The only thing that can be determined, if the user has javascript enabled, is the screen resolution which is not the 'free' space available for viewing the album.

So for every screen resolution the script would have to estimate the maximum number of images to display on a page, making some assumptions about available height (80%?) and width (90%?)and then divide it by the thumbnail width and leave some space inbetween the thumbnails...

But it's not impossible, maybe a new feature for the next version :)

If you look at easyphpalbum lite, the width is adjusted for screenwidth automatically but the amount of images next to each other remain the same to keep the original layout.