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EasyPhpAlbum is a FREE thumbnail gallery script and the easiest and safest way to publish your photos on the web. Only 1 file has to be included with your photos to publish them online!

EasyPhpAlbum offers all the features you will ever need for hosting one or multiple online photo albums. Next to publishing photos you can just as easily publish your music and movies.


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NEW: EasyPhpAlbum Lite, fast, small and XHTML 1.0 strict compliant!

Why a single file/script? Because it requires no installation instructions!! Just drop the index.php file in your directory with photos and your album is online. No learning curve, no database required!

What are the advantages? Being a single file it is safe, easy to install and easy to update. You can adjust the layout to your own preferences and save your configuration(see configuration demo and the photogallery).

What are the features? EasyPhpAlbum has lots of features, its main purpose is to be EASY to allow both experienced and unexperienced users to create a custom made online photo album. A web based configuration interface allows you to make changes to the layout, set options and modify behaviour with a single mouse-click. You can even include multimedia files such as music and movies in your photo album! As of version 1.4.4 SEO is possible with the build-in XML sitemap feature.

What about site integration? Integration of EasyPhpAlbum on your own website is easily accomplished by either changing the layout to your websites design and add custom headers and footers, or even easier by using the iframe method. From version 1.4.1 EasyPhpAlbum includes support for TiltViewer, Piclens and Lightbox - these greatly enhance the viewing experience!

What are the requirements? Minimal - you need a webserver with PHP and GD. EasyPhpAlbum has been tested with IIS (Windows) and Apache (Linux) and supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and other browsers.

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Note: If you are looking for a very simple lightweight gallery solution, check out the EasyPhpAlbum Lite package.

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