Using icons with EasyPhpAlbum:

Instead of showing the first album-photo as an index photo on the main gallery page, it is also possible to use icons (from version 1.2.9). Simply add an icon named 'index.png' to the album and it will be used on the main gallery page. You can use any size and any format (jpg,gif and png). It is also possible to use animated gif icons!

directory icon
(example of png icon image) (example of animated gif icon)


  • Use the PNG image format (256 colors)
  • Make sure to set the transparent color to the icons background color
  • In the EasyPhpAlbum configuration screen - section 'Thumbnail layout', enable the option 'Ignore index Image' to prevent the index image from inheriting the photo thumbnail layout

Screenshot of main gallery index with icons instead of photos:

screenshot using icons