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VPN Monitor is a statusbar application to monitor and reconnect a 'dropped' VPN connection. It will automatically and immediately reconnect any VPN Service configured under System Preferences > Network. When multiple VPN Services are configured, VPN Monitor will cycle through the list until a successful connection has been established.
VPN Monitor will limit your VPN downtime to the absolute minimum!


  • Works seamlessly with MAC OS network configuration - no VPN account duplication
  • Supports all native protocols L2TP, PPTP and Cisco IPSec
  • Supports single and multiple VPN Services setup and MAC network locations
  • Automatically switches to an alternative VPN Service when unable to reconnect
  • Shows uptime, downtime, speed, reconnects and active VPN Service
  • Offers a Heartbeat option as additional layer of security
  • Autoconnect at application or system startup (add the app to your login items)
  • Desktop notification message to warn for a status change
  • Energy saving mode to reduce energy consumption to a minimum
Requirements: At least one VPN service should be configured under System Preferences > Network, which is either the preferred connection (drag to the top of the network services list), or which has the option 'Send all traffic over VPN connection' enabled. See VPN Monitor's build-in Help and FAQ for details on VPN configuration.
Operation/Configuration: VPN Monitor has been designed to silently work in the background. By taking advantage of the world's most advanced operating system VPN Monitor gets notified of changes in connection status and immediately takes the required actions. It's intelligent connect and reconnect approach ensures carefree operation. Out-of-the-box operation*; no configuration is required, VPN Monitor will use the VPN Services you already created under System Preferences > Network.

*) Assuming you configured a VPN Service already, it is the prioritized connection and all traffic is safely routed through the VPN. Details on correct VPN configuration are provided with VPN Monitor.

Support: VPN Monitor has a built-in Help and troubleshooting section. Should your question be missing and you are unable to resolve it yourself, please contact support.
Note: VPN Monitor will not block outgoing traffic while the VPN connection is down. Other third party applications like Little Snitch are able to handle this.
Troubleshooting: Please review the troubleshooting section in the VPN Monitor App first before contacting support.

Working with VPN Monitor:
  • About: Version information of VPN Monitor. 
  • Help: Show this help dialog. 
  • Preferences: Remove or add the VPN services which should be monitored. Remove all services to reload the original list. Increase the time-out to allow slow VPN servers more time to establish a connection before switching to another VPN Service. Enable the heartbeat option for a regular double-check of the VPN connection.
  • Connection Status: Opens a small HUD panel showing the VPN Status comprising total uptime, total downtime, amount of reconnect attempts and currently connected VPN service. In Energy Saving Mode and with the Heartbeat option enabled, this panel will not be available ('Connection Status' will be greyed out in the menu).
  • Connect: Connect to a VPN service as listed under Preferences.
  • Disconnect: Disconnect the active (connected) VPN service.
  • Autostart VPN: Connect to the first VPN service in the Preferences list upon start of VPN Monitor. Add VPN Monitor to your login items under System Preferences - Users & Groups - Login Items to start a VPN connection when you log in.
  • Receive Notifications: Enable or disable notifications upon a VPN connection status change.
  • Energy Saving Mode: Enable to reduce energy requirements to a minimum. This option will disable the Connection Status panel.
  • Quit: Quit VPN Monitor.


Status bar icon:

  • Closed Eye: Not monitoring.
  • Open Eye: Monitoring an active VPN connection. Should the connection drop, VPN Monitor will immediately attempt to reconnect. Should it not be possible to reconnect, and multiple VPN services are configured, VPN Monitor will cycle through the available services until a successful connection has been established.


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