Watermark feature (from version 1.2.8):

A watermark allows you to embed a 2nd image in your photo and creates a professional copyright protection. Of course you can also use it for the nice effect and personalise your photos. An example:

Watermark example

How was this watermark created?

  1. Select an image you would like to use as a watermark
  2. Open this image in an image editing programme (see our section weblinks for a good and free editor)
  3. Save the image in the PNG format
  4. Optionally select a color as a 'transparant color' before saving, this color will be 'invisible'
  5. Enter the configuration panel of EasyPhpAlbum by entering your gallery URL in your webbrowser and add index.php?admin=1 (if you have admin access enabled), otherwise edit the index.php script in notepad
  6. Add the file location of the watermark image (for example sub-directory: 'gfx/watermark.png')
  7. Enter the position of the image as: '50% 50%' which will center the watermark in the middle of the image. 0% 0% is the top-left corner, 100% 100% the bottom-right corner
  8. Set the watermark transparancy, 0 to 100. This will 'fade-out' the watermark (0=invisible)
  9. Save your configuration or script and observe the result!