previous en next in popup

Can you make a previous and next in the popup ?

Re:previous en next in popup

Is there already someone who have realised this ??

I'm still looking for a solution.

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There is a small section called "// Write html to popup window".

This writes 4 lines to the pop-up to create a new HTML page. This would have to be 'expanded' with the required javascipt to browse through the images.

There is a problem that has to be dealt with if the images are not the same size or in landscape/portrait, the window has to be resized and repositioned on the screen to fit the new image...

I would think the best way is to read all the images in the directory $file_names=get_images('./',true); and place this in a javascript array and write it to the pop-up window, then browse through the array and resize and reposition the window with javascript (if this is possible)....

Re:previous en next in popup

do you know the code to place there so the previous en next will work in a popup ?

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I know but that is just what te people wan't

Re:previous en next in popup

You would have to do this yourself, add some additional height to the popup window and place the navigation links underneath the image.

The idea is that the webpage shows you all the thumbnails and you click the one you would like to see, which is displayed in the pop-up. This works much faster that browsing backward and forward in the pop-up window...