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Hi there ) I'm using the script on my website and it's worked out fine except, for some reason, some images display as a red and yellow box that says "no JPG support." Clicking on the image usually brings me to the image anyway, and it shows up fine. but when it's in a folder, for some reason, it won't show up. Here's a link to an example. [url]http//[/url] I've placed a note on the page for my visitors that they just have to keep clicking until they get the individual images. Any ideas? Am i doing something wrong or is this a glitch? Thanks! Kate J

Re:Question about display


This could be because your webserver doesn't support JPG to create the thumbnails (or its a glitch..) you can check the following way

Create an 'info.php' file in notepad
and upload it to one of your web-directories and open this page in your browser. If all is well a page shows up with the settings of PHP, look for a section called 'GD' this should mention 'jpg support enabled'.


If your server doesn't support JPG you can save the images in PNG, this will be a larger file size but the images are quite small so it should be OK.

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