Few questions

Hi, I have a few questions At right-click => Save image as... I get the option to save it as index.php, but I would like to change this into the name of the original file (i.e. DSC001.jpg). At the main index, it shows Albums 1 | Photos 8, I would like to have the number of photo's in the albums too. (How) is this possible? Thanks in advance blush

Re:Few questions

if you enable 'show thumbnail number' it shows the number of the actual thumbnail and the total amount of photos in the album. This could be used for referenceing to a specific photo for ordering.

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I think this is not possible yet, but maybe in the future?

Option to "archive" the photos, so you'll see only the thumbnails (to save bandwidth). (example on [url=http//kroew.nl/fotosys/foto.php?did=gala06&archief=1]this website[/url].

In my opinion that "fotosys" is really nice, for our website we would like to have a system like that (EasyPhpAlbum is coming close to it)...

Re:Few questions

Enable the option 'Show download link' in the photo information section.

If you created multiple albums it will count all the photo's in the albums, if you have photo's in your 'root' directory it will count those.