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add a color coded color picker

[img]http//uashome.alaska.edu/~dpannone/code.jpg[/img] *for intermediate users only* I color code the backgrounds of the input boxes here and then have them change when you type a new color. Like most I cannot compute hex colors in my head. I can't tell you what line to insert this because my line numbers are alot different from the original. maybe this could be added to the standard code [code1]echo "";[/code1] then replace the color selection part with the fallowing, basically adding to every box this onBlur=\"setColor(XXX, XXX.value);\" STYLE=\"background-color".ltrim($XXX,'#').";\" where XXX is the name of the var and the text box. here the finished product and actually i may have mistyped a couple things [code1] echo "
Album colors
Page colorText colorText hover color
Title colorPhoto border colorTable color (=background)
Table border colorHeader & footer line colorEmail link color
Hit counter linecolorHit counter colorHit counter textcolor
Rating color inactiveRating color score
Menu colors
Bordertop colorBorderbottom colorBorderleft color
Borderright colorBordertop hover colorBorderbottom hover color
Borderleft hover colorBorderright hover colorText color
Text hover colorBackground colorBackground hover color
Logo line colorLogo text color