Store Feature in 1.3.0

I took the new index file and tried a test store with it. I enabled the feature and uploaded some photos but dont see any changes. Any ideas? Do you have a demo gallery with this feature enables so we can see what it is supposed to do? Thanks!

Re:Store Feature in 1.3.0

The only way the "Place Order" link shows for me is when I have more photos (thumbs) in an album than will display on one page. Likewise for the email link on the thumbnail page.

Seems that might be a little bug.

Re:Store Feature in 1.3.0

if you enable the 'shop' system you will get a new option at the bottom of the page called 'place order'. This will open a new page with all the thumbnails of the album and with two selection boxes where you can select quantity and size.

The content of the selection boxes can be edited or left empty to disable of of them. Once the order is placed and confirmed you will receive an email with the details so you can contact the customer....

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