MultiMedia feature (from version 1.3.4):

Creating multimedia albums (show screenshot 1 screenshot 2) such as movie or music albums or mixing multimedia content with your photo album has never been easier! What do you have to do to enable multimedia in EasyPhpAlbum?:

  • Enable the multimedia option in the EasyPhpAlbum configuration
  • Upload the multimedia files to the album
  • Now you have two options:

Option 1: Upload images with the same name as the multimedia file. For example if you upload a MP3 file called shakira.mp3, upload an image file called shakira.jpg (for example the image of the album cover), your album will show the shakira image and link it to the shakira MP3 file.

Option 2: Upload an icon to the multimedia-icon directory (normally a subdirectory in your album called 'gfx') and specify the directory in the album configuration. For example if you upload a MP3 file called shakira.mp3 and you upload an icon file called mp3.png to the gfx directory, your album will show the MP3 icon and link it to the shakira MP3 file. Icon examples:

Music icon example Movie icon example

The multimedia feature in combination with EasyPhpAlbums gallery functions allows you to create MP3 albums that show the CD-cover of the artist and displays the lyrics of the song while it is playing! Check this screenshot for the general idea. How can I add lyrics to MP3 songs?
  1. Enable multimedia in the EasyPhpAlbum configuration
  2. Upload the MP3 song to the album
  3. Use either option 1 (upload a dedicated image for the song) or option 2 (use a generic icon for all MP3 files)
  4. Upload a text file with the lyrics to the album with the same name as the MP3 song (or create the textfile in the configuration panel and paste the lyrics)
Note: Only publish MP3 content that is free from any copyright issues!!