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[b]Hi all,[/b] Has anyone tried the MP3 feature? I tried to follow the instructions and my png image shows but the audio does not stream. Is it supposed to? What should be downloaded, the image or the MP3, or both? On download, I get "index.png," only is that right? How does this feature work? -- Yophotoman

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Hi there,
Having much fun with EasyPhpAlbum script!
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Perhaps it is possible to link to the playlist file instead of the MP3 file? Use an image with the name 'playlist___m3u.jpg' and upload the playlist file 'playlist.m3u'...If the playlist is recognised by your multimediaplayer it should work...;)

Yep, It works alright. So does linking to a html file too. However, Firefox makes a new grey page anyway and both will cover up some of the screen with a player. Firefox can embed a Flash player as a side panel as can IE but most users may not know how to do that.

I even embedded a Flash Player in the linked html page.

Hey, how about considering embedding a Flash Player right in EaayPhpAlbum? Ok, I done asked for the sky. Flame me...whistle

-- Yophotoman

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I guess this would require some more testing/evaluating. Probably the browsers handle multimedia files differently so it could be 'problematic' to find a solution that will work accross all platforms (Windows, Linux, MAC).

The way it is handled now is that no matter what kind of multimediafile you are using, it will play/show according to the settings or plugins you have enabled for it. EasyPhpAlbum simply links to the file by a simple href tag for the image. The naming convention '___.mp3.jpg' looks a bit weird, but it is just to enable playback of any filetype you want without the need for EasyPhpAlbum to create a 'playlist' itself and knowing in advance about the various multimedia formats available.

Perhaps it is possible to link to the playlist file instead of the MP3 file? Use an image with the name 'playlist___m3u.jpg' and upload the playlist file 'playlist.m3u'...If the playlist is recognised by your multimediaplayer it should work...;)

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Hi Guys,
Sorry for answering my own post.

More information on Firefox.
1.) The work-around for FireFox's grey screen is a setting.
Preferences "Opens Links from other apps = New Window"
Preferences "Force Links that open in new windows to open in = New Tab"

That will allow the user to tab back to the graphic and still hear the song. Not elegant but works to allow the graphic of the lyrics to be read while the music plays.

2.) Apparently EasyPhpAlbum "embeds" the mp3. There is a better way to stream audio. (holler at me if I'm wrong on this!) Info found here
This is instructions for using a playlist file to instruct the audio player to play immediately and [u]keep buffering[/u] the stream instead of downloading the whole song and then play. Then clicking on the image, that represents the song, would link to the playlist file, "songname.m3u" instead of the "songname.mp3."

More detailed information is here

3.) Also, a player can be emedded into the page with the embed tags. src="http//"

Embedding the player may not be desirable for EaspPhpAlbum, I don't know.

I have attached a text file of some of the information from the links above.

--Yophotoman [file name=Stream_MP3.txt size=2343]http//[/file]

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Thanks all,
I missed the dot [u]after[/u] the underlines. The instructions show three underlind characters. but [u]two[/u] underlines work too?

Once I got the file naming right, all worked as expected. As we progress toward higer versions, it seems there isn't much this script won't do!

I also tried using a png image that has the lyrics for the mp3. However, Firefox makes a new gray screen while the player runs. IE puts up the player only which you can move around to see the lyrics image while the player runs. You can also have a player running in a side pane while the other one shows the png image.

Is this a Firefox bug, feature or a configuration option to change it. I run Firefox on Fedora/Linux but it acts the same way on Windows too.

--Yophotoman B)

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Yophotoman wrote
Hi all,
Has anyone tried the MP3 feature?

I can tell you for sure, it works. I have it working with the following files .avi .wav .wmv .wma .mp3 .mpg .mpeg .mov

You have to follow the instructions very carefully. The process is a tad confusing but works fine. Just make sure you take the filename, add 2 underscores __, leave the original extension intact .mp3, and then add the extension of the image. If your mp3 is "beatles.mp3" and the image you use to represent it is a .gif, you would name that gif "beatles__.mp3.gif". As noted, you should not use an index image.

What I did was take a generic image, and just keep renaming it according to the audio/video file I was uploading to the directory. If you have several A/V files, try typing the name for the image in notepad or something first. Then just re-"save as" the image in an editor with each new name.

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The index image (index.png .gif or .jpg) is a special name and should only be used for displaying album icons on the main gallery page.

Add an MP3 + an image for the MP3 and use the naming convention as explained in the script // ### Multimedia files in your gallery ###
// Include an image with the same name as your multimedia file and add '___.file-extension' to the file name.
// Example mp3 file='shakira.mp3' --> image file='shakira___.mp3.png' or mpeg file='shakira.mpeg' --> image file='shakira___.mpeg.jpg'
and it should work fine... ;)